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Tajagna Vyas

Hello!! I’m Tajagna Vyas born in 1995 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA). My grandpa always tells me that “You are curious and creative since you were born” That’s why he gives me a name “Tajagna”. This is a Gujarati word. If I say it to in English than it means “expert”. This name is always inspiring me to do new things and to do new stuffs. I’m always trying to get dipper and dipper in specific stuffs whatever its education or it’s any kind of Project or else. If I’m telling about my nature, then I’m shy may be at little bit and always surrounded by lots of questions and fears. But this is the qualities which makes me a different from other.

When I was little; I was always playing with toys which makes me creative and curious. Just because of this Habit my parents decided to enroll me in Engineering college for Diploma studies. In 2013, I took Diploma degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Which was great time for me because that was the time at which I can show and prove my creativity. During that time, we made a Remote controlled hovercraft. That was the first ever Engineering project; which taught me leadership and Problem solving Capabilities. That was amazing experience for me.

After completion of Diploma studies; In 2013, I enrolled to earn the degree of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Yeah That was the toughest time; Because during that time we failed to maintain Project timeline which was the biggest lesson. That was the time which taught me a lesson of Project Planning.

I have one more habit; which helps me to create a path of my career. You know what’s that; I’m always trying to find out my next step of career is based on the experience of present. Just because of this habit; My next step after graduation was to earn a degree of Master of technology which I earned recently in the month of June, 2018. In this phase I also took a training at India’s biggest research center. Which was Space Application Center placed in Ahmedabad and it is the one of major center of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Which also known to break a records in the field of Space globally. That was the amazing experienced at ever. Because at there I worked on live project with a team of scientists; whom are works to develop a system for Indian communication and navigational Satellites. And I was happy to be a part of that team. And that was the time where I can fill out all missing or remaining skills which can help me to develop a project in successful manner.

Now this is the time to know about my hobbies. I have always been into anything which involves creativity. That’s why still I’m playing with Lego bricks. I also love to do drawings, Paintings and photography. If I’m telling about sports activities then I like to play Cricket, Badminton, Archery and Cycling.

My main belief in life is to do whatever you like, whatever in which you are passionate, and never follows the path of someone because it’s truth; that path may help you to become a person like them but it destroys all of your courage,passion and desires. I have example to prove it; Now assume that person made a road on the basis of its driving capability and vehicles capabilities. Now what happen if it made a rough road just because of it has a heavy or big vehicle which has capability of riding on rough roads. Now it is the time to follow its path; you are riding with cycle or light vehicle. You know now what’s happen to ride a bicycle on rough road. After some time of riding you lost the courage to complete remaining journey and also you lost the hope to make anew path. I don’t want to say more about this because this is my belief. So it’s all depends on your capabilities.

I personally believe that I’m capable to give better output when I satisfy this self-made formula:

Task + Team + Time = TAJAGNA

At last now it’s time to know about my goal or objectives of my life. You can find out Objective of my life in logo which tells that, “Everyone who connected with my name are always be smiled ever and ever”. This is the simpler objective of my life. I just want to be happy all of them who linked or attached with me or my name. My motto in life is “I don’t want to be a memory of someone but I want to be a dream of someone. Because it’s possible to loss of memory; but dreams never end.” …..It’s all about me…..